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Yag Capsulotomy

The modern technique of cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy contents of the eye's natural lens, while leaving the clear outer membrane (called the capsule) to hold the new intraocular lens in place.

This capsule has cells on it which will, in some cases, continue to produce lens fibers. These fibers cannot be laid...


Lasik Refractive Surgery

This is a laser refractive surgery that corrects Myopia (Nearsightedness), Hyperopia (Farsightedness), and Astigmatism.

By now you have probably heard of LASIK, you probably know someone who had it done or considering having it done. You may also wonder just what LASIK is or what it may be able to do for you.

LASIK stands for...

Glaucoma Laser Surgery

Intense heat that causes some areas of the eye´s drain to shrink, resulting in adjacent areas stretching open and permitting the fluid to drain more easily. When medication does not control the pressures in the eye. [spacer][row][span8] [accordions] [accordion title="What Is Glaucoma? " visible="yes"]Glaucoma is the diagnosis given to a group of ocular conditions that contribute to the...

Diabetic Laser Surgery

Laser Photocoagulation

Nowhere in medicine has laser technology been more beneficial to patients than in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Lasers produce a light unique in nature. The light is of specific wavelengths and the light waves vibrate together without interference. This light can be microscopically focused, allowing for precise control in treatment. Patients who...