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Proper Lens Care Instructions

At U.P. Ophthalmology Associates, we understand that your eyewear is not just a medical necessity; it’s a fashion accessory too! Protect your investment and keep looking your best by following these proper lens care instructions.

Unfortunately, 80% of lens scratches occur by cleaning eyewear incorrectly. Protect your investment by following these proper lens care instructions.

Begin by rinsing your lenses with warm water and a mild soap without additives. You may also use an approved lens cleaning solution provided by your eye care professional. Never use glass cleaner or other harsh home cleaners. Avoid all chemicals, including hairspray, perfume and cologne which are harmful to eyeglass lenses.

Next, dry your lenses with a soft, lint-free cloth. You may also use a microfiber cloth specially designed for eyewear. Never use facial tissue or paper towel, as they will scratch your lenses.

Finally, never leave your eyeglasses in direct sunlight, or in a hot car. The heat can damage your lenses, as well as your eyeglass frames. Additionally, never leave your eyeglasses facing down. Always keep them in a case when not in use.

For more information about the care and performance of your new eyewear, ask a staff member.